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Network Devices Link, Freedom to Move and Access
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Wi-Fi Signal Cover Every Corner

These days, having a good internet connection is extremely important. Our entire lives are online. The transition to cloud arhitecture means that without a stable internet connection, we'd miss call, message, and won't be able to find the information we need.
With EnMesh EMR3000 kit mesh networking technology is a promising solution to cover Wi-Fi in every corner of our home. 


2-in-1 AP MeshCam 

This 2-in-1 Mesh 11ac wireless access point and IP surveillance camera combines ultra-fast mesh Wi-Fi and clear surveillance in a simple, space-saving design that eliminates dead zones and unsecured area to create safer, smarter spaces. ---->Learn more...

Document Security Printing in Secure Control Enviroment

Security Door Access System

Secure Data Server Network Access & Backup System

Create Innovative Secure Document with security element inserted during printing process

Secure documents printing  with secure control access system